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Our Bernedoodle puppies will be wonderful additions to families looking for a dog that loves fun and companionship.  Bernedoodles love interacting with children and have a touch of goofy in their personality. As a designer breed, Bernedoodles combine traits from both Poodles and the Bernese Mountain Dog.  Our Bernedoodle puppies for sale make an excellent companion and addition to any family!


Do you love Bernese Mountain Dogs with their loyalty, friendliness, and fun attitude, but don’t like how much they shed?  Bernedoodle puppies are a great solution to this problem.

You can browse our Bernedoodle puppies for sale below to see which puppy is the right fit for you.

Known as a designer crossbreed since they are a cross between a Poodle and a Bernese Mountain Dog, Bernedoodle puppies bring the intelligence and lower allergens from Poodles and the companionship and fun from Bernese Mountain Dogs.

If you want a family-friendly puppy for your children and home, then purchase one of our Bernedoodle puppies today!


Bernedoodles with Children And Other Pets

Bernedoodles are excellent for families with children, though it is always important to make sure children are instructed on how to properly treat animals, especially with Tiny and Miniature Bernedoodles that may be injured more easily. This breed is affectionate and loves to play, and they absolutely adore spending time with their families.

Bernedoodles usually do well with other dogs, but it is important to begin socialization at an early age and keep up with it to make sure they are comfortable around new animals.

Looking for a Bernedoodle puppy?

We take great pride in making sure that our clients find that just right puppy for their families. And we LOVE to talk about our puppies. So, if you would like more information about our puppies, please give us a call to discuss your preferences and our upcoming litters.

Clever, goofy, gentle, and loyal. Bernedoodle fans boast that this mixed breed has the best of both worlds from its Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle parents.

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