A Bernedoodle is a popular hybrid breed of the purebred Bernese Mountain Dog and a purebred Poodle. The breed originated in the United States and first registrations began showing up in 2009 and have gained in popularity for their flashy black/rust and white tri colored coat in the coloring of a Bernese with the added curl of the Poodle.


Bernedoodles are a loyal/loving and sturdy and versatile breed. Similar to the Bernese nature, the Bernedoodles can be lazy but with the addition of the Poodle, it adds a bit more energy and agility. The breed has a long list of good attributes; Strong, agile, highly intelligent, the gentle demeanor and stunning appearance with their TRI colored flashy fluffy coat makes them loved by many.


By nature, Bernedoodles are true lovers of the family and friends. They are generally very sweet and tolerant and gentle giants with some bursts of exuberant play. But reminded not to jump on children or furniture. The breed will do everything with their family from hiking, boating, swimming and it absolutely thrives on the companionship of their family, so when left alone, they tend to get their feelings hurt. It is important to work on training at an early age, adopt crate training for short periods of time and building up so they know they can expect you back. For the most part, their temperaments are rock solid huge lap babies that just want to be near you. They are soft-hearted, so usually, just your stern voice will be effective.


The Bernedoodle does require maintenance care. They will require twice a week comb and brushing. Bathing every 2 to 3 weeks. Full groom and clipping (required during hot weather) needed every 6 to 8 weeks. Exercise is very important to this breed to grow the smallest rate possible on a lower protein food because if the joints grow too quickly this can cause loose hip joints later on. Also, obesity is a major cause of hip dysplasia. So stay active and feed lean, do not overfeed or give people food.


This is not an easy keeper, they do require professional grooming care. Even in the winter, the Bernedoodle will still need their feet, potty trail and face trimmed. Ear hairs must be kept pulled to keep the ear canal clean and airy to avoid infections. Nails clipped every 2 weeks. With a thick black coat, it would be hard to be outside all day in 95 temps, so heat intolerance can be an issue.


Training comes fairly easy for most Bernedoodles. Early socialization is key as well as basic obedience classes. Some require a firm approach while some do best with a calm voice and gentle approach. Being smart comes easy to the breed and they can figure out tasks on their own but sometimes this can cause them to also have a mischievous streak and get bored easily. So keep them busy with chew treats and toys and frequent walks to the park or hike and swim at the lake.


Bernedoodles love to fetch and swim and play ball or even pull a cart. Most love the water and hiking and boating. Being mostly black, they can get overheated, so make sure to stay in the shade and always carry a dog water bowl with you and limit their time outside when it’s extremely hot. Appropriate exercising as they grow is very key to keeping the joints healthy and growth plates normal.


25-120 lbs


10-29 inches


Any combination of black, chocolate, cream or red. The traditional “base color” is black.